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Best Buy is the hugest electronics retail stores company in the United States. As for now the Company accounts for 19 of the whole market and Best Buy locations operate beyond US borders (Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico, China). Richard M. Schulze and his business partner Gary Smoliak opened their first audio specialty store Sound of Music in 1966 in Saint Paul, Minnesota. In one year two more stores were opened in downtown Minneapolis and near the University of Minnesota.

Soon the stores became the 1st suppliers of laserdisc and video equipment and in 1983 were approved as Best Buy Co., Inc.

In 2006 Best Buy acquired the majority interest in China's 4th largest appliance chain. And in 2007 the first store in China had its opening. However in February 2011 nine Best Buy locations in China were closed. They were planned to be reopened the same year.

On October 24, 2008 the Corporation opened the 1000th store in the Mall of America (Bloomington, Minnesota). In 2008 it arranged the opening of 1st stores in Mexico, Puerto Rico and Shanghai. Later Best Buy announced it’ll open superstores in European countries, mainly in the United Kingdom.

In 2009 there were 8 Best Buy stores established in the UK. They operated as a part of Carphone Warehouse joint-venture. In 2009 Best Buy Canada opened a “Store Within a Store” at many Best Buy locations.

On November 17, 2011 the Company opened its 1st store in Monterrey, Mexico. The same year its 11 stores in the UK were announced to close. Today Best Buy is going to close 50 stores in the US, including a high-profile one in Boston.

Not once Best Buy ranked in top 10 of most generous corporations and was named the company of the year (2004). Though it is frequently criticized, this electronics retail store remains highly competitive.

The customer service department for Best Buy is available by phone, email and traditional mail. There are no hours listed for the phone support line.

  • Customer service: 1-888-237-8289

Best Buy Mailing Address

The Best Buy website does not list a customer service mailing address under the customer service link, but the contact us link does list the corporate address for Best Buy customer service.

Best Buy Corporate
P.O. Box 9312
Minneapolis, MN 55440

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